Transforming the Google Next Digital Event Experience for Hundreds of Thousands Attendees


Transforming the Google Next Digital Event Experience for Hundreds of Thousands Attendees


Expanding a Global Event Experience

Google Cloud’s annual Next event brings the global cloud community together to learn from each other, build new solutions and get hands-on with cloud services. Working in partnership on the event in 2017, 2018 and 2019, we delivered a holistic web and mobile customer experience that played an important role in attendees’ overall experiences. Our goal was simple: Provide a seamless and integrated digital experience. We did it by designing and developing native iOS and Android event-specific apps, a multi-event website, and an independent backend serving the API to all three platforms.

Pivoting to Virtual for Google Cloud Next ‘20: OnAir

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing events to cancel or shift to all-digital experiences in 2020 and beyond, we helped Google Cloud Next pivot from in-person digital event experiences to entirely virtual. With nimble minds adapting to new circumstances at home and at work, Nerdery redefined what the experience could look like for an attendee, including adding important features such as session and track selection, a user directory and an attendee notification center. With more than 100,000 attendees expected, the free nine-week, all-digital event series in July 2020 includes more than 200 keynotes and breakout sessions, as well as learning opportunities, Q&A and 1:1 interactions with Google Experts.


Mobile Design and Development
Systems Integration
Event Experience Strategy
Digital Consulting
User Experience Design
Interaction Design
Quality Assurance


Business challenge

Google Cloud wanted to provide a more immersive digital experience for Next, including robust session booking functionality, simple navigation for hundreds of speakers and sessions, a multi-channel livestream, and for the first time, a mobile app. We earned a seat at the table with their stakeholders from the beginning to greenfield the mobile experience on multiple platforms. The Google Cloud team focused on delivering a customer first experience, giving attendees the personalized information they needed, when they needed it and designing the website and mobile applications to support this goal.

Strategy and solution

Our shared objective for Next was to build a scalable digital experience on both mobile and web that would delight users, showcase the information they needed, when they needed it, and ensure the product could be built upon year-over-year. We partnered with Google to leverage our experience design and software engineering teams to ensure that the solution proposed and executed delivered on the important client goals of improving the attendee experience and increasing attendance.


Aligned leadership

Working closely with the Google Cloud team, we took the lead on technical design and development, gaining silo-free collaborative efficiencies in understanding technical feasibility and seamlessly implementing features – working fast with little revision needed.

Security and accessibility

Based on years of experience, our team has a deep understanding of Google Cloud’s brand, products, design and code standards, tech infrastructure with security processes and commitment to accessibility. Our shared obsession for clean code as a baseline security measure has helped us routinely pass security and accessibility tests.

Relationship built to last

Since our first project with Google in 2016, we have led numerous engagements and continue to build strong internal relationships within the Google network. Joint planning for future Google Cloud Next events has already begun, as we aim to build upon our sustainable, flexible codebase — with a wishlist of feature enhancements and improvements.


A solution-orientated team, focused on doing what’s right and in perfect alignment with our project’s aspirations, standards and operational excellence.

2019 Results

33,000 app downloads across iOS and Android from the event’s 35,000 attendees

330,000 Next OnAir livestream viewers